Old Navy: it's not just for terribly-made ill-fitting clothing and supremely annoying television ads. It's also for helping bring us all the closure we so desperately need. Yes, two decades after anyone cared, Kelly finally went with Dylan — Jennie Garth and Luke Perry are reportedly dating.

Famed "Beverly Hills 90210" actors Luke Perry and Jennie Garth fell in love after they recently shot a television ad for Old Navy, according to a published report.

The couple acted like a pair of teenage lovebirds back at West Beverly Hills HS during the shoot.

"Since seeing Luke again, Jennie has fallen in love with him and Luke feels the same," a source close to the couple told the National Enquirer. "There is an electricity between them that has been revived after all these years. It just happened."

Garth's rep denies the rumor, for what it's worth. But who cares what's actually happening when you know in your heart this is what should happen?

[NYP, image via Getty]