The "Bloody Best" Bloody Mary at the Atlanta-based eatery The Nook is not kidding around.

This 16-ounce brobdingnagian beverage will not only cure your hangover, it'll get you drunk, drive you home, take off your shoes, put you to bed, tuck you in, kiss your forehead, wake you up, and then cure that hangover.

The Bloody Best is not just bloody big, it also comes fully loaded with all the trimmings: Hard-boiled eggs, two pieces of bacon, a piece of toast, blue-cheese-stuffed olives, a skewer of tater tots, a skewer of peppers, and, of course, a skewer of steak.

Oh, and, also: A straw made of beef.

I guess that's how they do it in the ATL (and by "it" I mean "ensure an early demise").

[H/T: 22words, photo via Rats Off via The Daily What]