Patricia "Tan Mom" Krentcil, best known for looking like beef jerky and being charged earlier this year for child endangerment when authorities suspected that she took her 5-year-old tanning, appeared onstage during XL's Wednesday night drag show. Obliterated, she gave the gays the mess they were obviously craving when they showed up to see her in the first place.

The entire clip is a train wreck, but allow me to direct you to the 2:57 mark when she Anna Nicoles, "This place is the best place ever," and 7:31 when she bellows, "I like to tan, fuck youuuuuu!" Krentcil was later pulled from the stage as seen in the video to the left. Like the one atop this post, it was uploaded by the nightclub. The New York Post has a shot of her struggling on the red carpet, where she reportedly attempted to attack a drag queen. Might want to be kind to the only members of your fanbase you can count on to remain loyal, Krentcil. A disaster from start to finish.