There is an official Romney/ Ryan souvenir store in the Tampa Bay Times Forum, where the convention is being held. It's a store that would normally be selling Tampa Bay Lightning shirts and whatnot, but now it's selling souvenirs to people with poor taste who may not even like hockey.

What's wrong with this picture? I'll tell you what's wrong: They consciously and deliberately printed up thousands of t-shirts to sell that feature a Mitt Romney quote that begins, "THE IDEA TO SAY THAT..." That sentence fragment doesn't even make sense. Is this the type of sentence fragment that your family will have, in Mitt Romney's America? Fuck that.

All this shit is overpriced. Romney/ Ryan 2012 official Slap Bracelet? I bet your kids don't even like you.

All this shit right here is atrocious.

If you have an Official Mitt Romney iPhone Casemateâ„¢, fuck you.