Hollywood's world-famous Chateau Marmont has played second home to a host of notably rowdy celebrity guests since it opened to the deep-pocketed public in 1927, but leave it to Lindsay Lohan to be the first among them to get the boot.

Lohan was reportedly banned from the august establishment after she ran up a $46,350 tab, and refused to settle up.

The 26-year-old had been holed up at the Sunset Boulevard hotel for 47 days in June and July, but come August 1st she was told to gather her belongings and clear out — for good.

TMZ, which says it obtained a copy of the eviction notice Chateau Marmont's general manager sent Lohan, claims the actress smoked 49 $14 packs of cigarettes during her seven-week stay, and ran up a $3,145 mini-bar bill.

On Independence Day, Lohan somehow managed to spend nearly $2,000 at the Chateau's in-house restaurant, in addition to nearly $700 on room service.

Lohan may no longer be welcome at the Chateau Marmont, but at least she won't have to trade in her high-life for jail time: The L.A. County District Attorney's office decided yesterday not to prosecute LiLo in connection with a burglary at the home of one of her friends after a "potential eyewitnesses" refused to step forward.

[photo via AP]