Try as they might, the folks at Old Spice just couldn't seem to recreate the viral je ne sais quoi of their best known ad campaign.

That is, until now.

With the help of spokesmuscle Terry Crews and the combined efforts of ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, editing house Mackenzie Cutler, and special effects outfit The Mill, Old Spice looks to reclaim its viral crown with a interactive ad spot that — quite literally — plays out their previous efforts.

With each individual muscle hooked up to a different musical instrument, Crews is transformed into a one-man sound machine complete with an interactive feature that allows viewers to record their own "muscle music."

Okay, so it might not convince you to pick up a bottle of Old Spice, but it will help you waste a few minutes. And, in the end, is that what makes an Internet video go viral?

[H/T: AdFreak]