In a masterful bit of Orwellian dissonance, Wisconsin's recall-surviving Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (R) last week called Rep. Todd Akin's attempt to categorize rape "abhorrent, insulting" and "disgusting," before immediately reversing course and approving of VP nominee Paul Ryan's efforts to do the same.

"Rape is a rape. I don't know how you can categorize it, and it's disgusting that Todd Akin would have tried to categorize it," Kleefisch said.

The interviewing reporter then informed her that Ryan co-sponsored a bill with Akin aimed at categorizing rape. "Well, I think there is a way to have a more forcible rape, the same way there are different types of assault," Kleefisch responded.

The Lt. Gov. made her comments at a pro-life rally in downtown Madison. Kleefisch, who spoke at the rally, told attendees babies shouldn't be blamed for "how they were conceived," and emphasized the need "to get pro-life candidates elected at every level of government."

[video via Democurmudgeon]