It's not exactly news that rich people will spend too much money to look cheap, but the latest accessory from designer Jil Sander is still noteworthy for being hilariously expensive and useless.

Say hello to the Vasari bag, "a long rectangular silhouette" that is "crafted from coated paper."

Yeah, it's a brown paper bag.

OK, it's a brown paper bag with visible stitching, some gold-colored eyelets, and "Jil Sander" printed at the bottom, but it's still a brown paper bag. And it retails at $290.

While Vasari's minimalist design is attractive — and in line with Jil Sander's style — you're still paying a lot of money for a bag made out of paper. For $290, you could buy all the brown paper bags you need, and you'd still have enough left over for metal eyelets (sold separately) and a pen to write "Jil Sander" at the bottom.

In fact, if you give me $290, I will recreate the Jil Sander bag, and I'll include a doodle of your choice along with a healthy sack lunch. Serious offers only.

I can get it to you a lot faster, too: the Vasari bag is currently sold out.

[Image via Shutterstock]