TAMPA, Fla.— Two days ago, the decision was made by RNC organizers to cancel all the convention activities today to avoid a mass washing-away of the less athletic convention delegates. Today, Monday, the weather in Tampa is... fine! Just a bit humid. Not even raining. Which means that the Republican Party could get screwed three ways by this storm.

  • 1. They were screwed out of the first day of the convention by the prospect of the storm.
  • 2. They were screwed by childish second-guessers such as us, who are now childishly making fun of the fact that their cancellation was for naught.
  • 3. The storm could well become a hurricane that begins devastating New Orleans by the time the convention restarts again tomorrow. That means everyone will start talking about Katrina and Bush and past failures just as Romney is trying to establish himself as his own man, thus screwing Republicans for a third time.

Even non-Republicans, of course, will be screwed when their houses blow down and whatnot. But here at the RNC everything is only worth mentioning for its EFFECT ON THE CAMPAIGN.

No matter how grave the threat, rest assured that someone will still find the strength to wear seersucker with New Balances.