Last week, when it was discovered that a well-meaning octogenarian had attempted to restore a fresco and created a sort of beast-like Jesus portait in its place, many observers thought she had "ruined" the painting. In fact, she created a tourist attraction:

On Saturday, hundreds of curious visitors queued up outside the Iglesia del Santuario de Misericordia church, where the image is painted on a column.

"The previous painting was also very pretty, but I really like this one," a woman who had travelled to the town said on public television.

When the heartwarming foreign comedy is made about Jimenez and the Fur Family Jesus, the final scene will be people lining up to see the painting, and the tourist industry saves the town from bankruptcy, then the stuffy culture ministry bureaucrat will finally admit his feelings for the free-spirit waitress, or whatever.

[AFP, image via Peregrinos]