While you were busy mourning Neil Armstrong, Fox News analyst Monica Crowley was looking for a way to politicize his death.

She found it in one of the far right's most insidious tropes — Islamophobia.

No. No, he did not.

Crowley's follow-up explanation only underlined her idiocy.

As The Daily Dolt points out, the article Crowley cites is hardly damaging to the Obama administration.

In an interview last month on Al-Jazeera, NASA chief Charlie Bolden said that one of NASA's foremost tasks is to engage with Muslim nations. The White House disagreed, suggesting that the agency should perhaps focus on space exploration.

Let's recap: use an American hero's death to espouse a lie, justify said lie with "evidence" that directly contradicts it. Great work, Monica Crowley.

Surely she's seen the error of her ways, right? Here's her apology post—

Do you mean astronaut ice cream, Monica? Like the kind NASA is going to serve the Muslims while they talk them into destroying our American way of life?

Earth, our number of intelligent life forms is dwindling.

[Image via AP]