Police tonight released video footage [Warning: Graphic] showing the moment two officers shot and killed 58-year-old Jeffrey Johnson, a former employee of Hazan Imports who a short while earlier gunned down former coworker Steve Ercolino near the Empire State Building.

After the shooting, Johnson attempted to conceal the .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun he used to kill Ercolino inside a black bag, and headed away from the scene, but was chased down by construction workers who alerted police. The footage above shows the moment the officers confront Johnson.

It was later established that Johnson pointed the gun but did not fire at the officers, who themselves shot off 16 rounds which killed Johnson, but also injured nine bystanders. None of the collateral injuries were life-threatening.

Johnson, who lived in Manhattan, was fired from his job as a women's apparel designer over a year ago after six years at Hazan. He had an ongoing dispute with Ercolino, and had reportedly threatened to kill him at least once.