Country singer Randy Travis today had his third run-in with the cops this year after he reportedly got into a drunken brawl with the estranged husband of his girlfriend outside a church in Plano, Texas.

"We got a phone call at around 10 or 10:30 [Thursday] night about a personal family issue occurring between an estranged husband and wife," Plano Police Officer David Tilley told People magazine. "The wife was reportedly the girlfriend of Randy Travis."

TMZ, which says the woman is actually Travis's fiancee, claims a source told them the crooner appeared "extremely intoxicated."

Tilley told People things got ugly when Travis intervened in the argument, and a fight ensued. Police cited him for a Class C simple assault — a minor misdemeanor "similar to a traffic violation."

Tilley further denied that Travis was drunk at the time, saying intoxication did not appear on the official report.

Earlier this month, a definitely drunk and also naked Travis was arrested for drunk driving after crashing his car near Tioga, Texas. Back in February, Travis was arrested for public intoxication, which also took place in a church parking lot.

[photo via AP]