The way the YouTube description tells it, poor overworked Paula Jovel was taking the Tube home after finishing up the late shift at an undisclosed place of employment.

It was for that reason that she was right knackered, and promptly began dozing off.

As it happens on occasion in these situations, Jovel's head began to gravitate toward her seatmate's shoulder. But the normally "very shy" young lady was apparently so out of it, that, in a clear state of mental numbness, she suddenly clutched her subway neighbor's arm and began to snuggle (skip to 0:40).

The man, since identified as Cinnamon Club head chef Rakesh Nair, was clearly taken aback, but took the whole thing in gentlemanly stride.

In typical Missed Connection style, the Club is now looking to hook Rakesh an Paula up, writing in the YouTube comments, "strange as it looks, we would love to say hello to the Lady:-)"

Seems to me she at least owes him some dinner.

[H/T: Metro]