If you don't have a book contract right this minute, you should very ashamed. Consider: Nathan Harden (pictured), a 2009 graduate of Yale, not only got a book contract, but has already written and published his book, and that book is about how bad it is that kids are into sex things at Yale—a topic that a professional book publishing house presumably considered sufficiently interesting to pay Nathan Harden U.S. currency, to write it.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Yale has a Sex Week where they have panels that discuss SEX and SEX THINGS with COLLEGE STUDENTS. And... seems like a good topic for an outraged book by a young man, right? Sure, sure. But wait—there's more:

Harden's other examples of an institution run amok (an acting class run by a yoga fascist, a Spanish language class in which the professor shows a film with a lesbian sex scene) are revealing but not revealing enough to make one feel that an obsession with sex has turned Yale into a "great institution in decline - an institution of tremendous power and influence that is no longer aware of why it exists or for what purpose," as Harden claims.

Not just sex discussion panels, but yoga and even very mildly racy films? Thank God someone has published this, in a book. The above paragraph is from a NYT book review, btw. Was your book reviewed in the NYT? No? Hmm. Perhaps it's better if Nathan Harden describes this stuff himself? From Inside Higher Ed:

In my view, it's unacceptable for Yale officials to wash their hands of what goes on in Yale classrooms. Take Yale's Sex Week, for example. Yale's officials say they have no responsibility for it. Yet I witnessed Yale faculty distributing porn and sex toys to students with my own eyes. Furthermore, if a group of students wanted to host a "Holocaust Denial Week" or a "We Hate Gay People Week," Yale officials would never agree to host such events on campus, and rightly so.

Game over.

Do you have a book deal?

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