The public relations industry could fairly be described as a machine that functions on broken dreams. The only question is whether your dreams will be broken now, or later. If that dream is about meeting Oprah, the answer is: now. This is PR Dummies. Oprah will not be coming.

This first email blast went out to journalists all over the Carolinas. Oprah!

From: [Flack]
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 10:18 AM
Subject: Press Opp: OPRAH takes over SOUTH CAROLINA!

OPRAH WINFREY'S takes over SOUTH CAROLINA in hopes of transforming a small town into LOVETOWN, USA!

What happens when an entire town opens their heart up to love? On August 19th at 10PM ET/PT OWN brings Lovetown, USA to Kingsland, Georgia. With the help of Oprah, two matchmakers, Paul Carrick Brunson and Kailen Rosenberg, are taking over Kingsland for 30 days. Delving into the lives of 15,000 townspeople and six singles, can they help singles find love and transform the town with kindness and forgiveness?

Lovetown, USA examines what it's like when one town experiences a social experiment of a lifetime. Is it possible to fall in love in your own backyard?

Matchmakers Paul and Kailen are here to answer your questions! How do they plan to be successful in Kingsland? How can we find love? And…get the dirt on their opinions about celebrity couples. Were Kristen and Rob doomed to fail? Why did Tom and Kate fall apart?

Let me know if I can help schedule you an interview with any of the cast members or the match makers. If you need any additional information or are interested in viewing a screener, please let me know. We are setting up a conference call next week and would also love to have you join then as well. RSVP a.s.a.p. as availability is limited.

LOVETOWN, USA premieres on OWN on August 19th at 10PM ET/PT.


A few hours later:

From: [The same flack]
Date: Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 2:25 PM
Subject: RE: Press Opp: OPRAH takes over SOUTH CAROLINA!

So sorry for any confusion, our release got crossed with another show but not to worry because LIFETIME's "The Week the Women Went" does take over South Carolina… and in big fashion too! More information below and I sincerely apologize any confusion.

This great new series brings a social experiment to your television screen. What happens when you take a town and pull out all the women, just to see how the men will survive? In this incredible social experiment, the town of Yemassee, South Carolina, gets to find out first hand. Join us for two special conference calls with cast members of Lifetime's new series, "The Week the Women Went" to find out how big a role women play in our lives – and just what happens when they are not around! [...]

THE WEEK THE WOMEN WENT premieres on Lifetime on August 14th at 10PM ET/PT.


[The same flack]

Not only is Oprah not coming, but neither are the matchmakers. NOT EVEN THE RIGHT SHOW. Not only will there be no love in your town—WE'RE TAKING ALL YOUR WOMEN.

Including Oprah.

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