At Hampton University, a historically black college in Virginia, MBA students are banned from wearing cornrows or dreadlocks, thanks to an edict from Business School Dean Sid Credle.

*Covers face with hands, shaking head slowly*

Dean Credle disagrees and says when people criticize the ban for denying cultural aspects of style, he believes cornrows and dreadlocks have not been a historically professional look.

"I said when was it that cornrows and dreadlocks were a part of African American history?"

Credle added, "I mean Charles Drew didn't wear, Muhammad Ali didn't wear it. Martin Luther King didn't wear it."

*Continues shaking head, gaping open-mouthed in amazement.*

As everyone knows, if you want a good HBCU starting with "H," go to Howard.

[WVEC/ REV-elution. Photo: FB]