Setting out to prove the catchphrase "fake it till you make it" correct, some nobody named Brett Cohen made himself look like a somebody by hiring photographers, bodyguards, and other hangers-on to follow him around Times Square and make him look famous.

It worked like a charm:

While the assistants and photographers waited for Brett to exit the 49th street marquee at NBC Studios, they started a buzz that a "big star" was about to walk out, thus making it worth their while to wait and get a picture. Many asked the crew who Brett was, and no answer was given. They were forced to either make something up, or just take a picture with him in hopes that their Facebook friends or Twitter followers might have a better idea.

As the crew walked over to Times Square, the crowds around Brett grew on each consecutive block. Very few people even questioned who he was, where he was from, or what he does. Brett took pictures with nearly 300 people before the stunt ended.

[Reddit via The High Definite]