Some awful person in a San Diego neighborhood taped a turtle to several large balloons, and then let go. Eventually the flying turtle became stuck in a large tree, where a neighbor spotted it.

"We look up and there's green and blue balloons up there," said resident Chanelle Wright. "He was just swinging his arms trying to get out of it. Somebody had taped him to the balloons."

Wright called the humane society and the fire department, but, by her calculations, it took over an hour for them to arrive. By the time the fire department did get there, a gust of wind had blown the turtle from the tree to the ground, where, somehow, it remained uninjured.

But a flying turtle story isn't complete without a little neighborly backstabbing, and this tale is no exception.

"There are accusations saying it was my family who did it from one of my neighbors who commented on Facebook… yes, where she didn't see anything and labeled me and my family as thugs," Wright told 10News on Wednesday.

The 10News Facebook page was bombarded with comments such as this one: "'Why don't you try asking the little boy that visits his grandma who taped the turtle to the balloon?'"

That's the one 10News printed, at least. What it actually said was:

Eventually, the accusatory neighbor recanted her statement, but Wright wasn't having it.

"Don't say… you've seen something with your eyes and make a bunch of ruckus and call us names and tell me you're watching me and then apologize," said Wright. "I'm not accepting it at all."

Anyway, the Humane Society is searching the neighborhood for the perp, who could face charges of animal abuse.

As for the actual turtle, he/she is doing fine. And just in case you want an emotionally traumatized pet, it's probably up for adoption soon.

And if you care to read more from those bickering neighbors, here you go:

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