We all have our favorite Angelina Jolie kid.

If you're a fun fashion diva who tells it like it is, you like Zahara. If you're responsible and a little bossy, you like Maddox. If you're smoking crack, you like Knox. Etc.

Now, after sitting on it for four years, Angelina Jolie has finally chosen her favorite Angelina Jolie kid: Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, her youngest child, born in July of 2008.

The Sun reports that Vivienne will play a young Princess Aurora in Jolie's upcoming film Maleficent, a re-working of the Sleeping Beauty story told from the perspective of its villain, Angelina Jolie With Horns On Her Head.

Elle Fanning beat out Vivienne for the juicier role of adolescent Princess Aurora, probably because casting directors were worried Vivienne, 4, wouldn't be able to become 14 years old by the time the movie finished shooting.

According to the Sun, Angelina Jolie thought Vivienne "would be ideal for the role and persuaded bosses to sign her," perhaps by saying "Hello, I am Angelina Jolie and here is what is going to happen today…"

"A source" reports that Vivienne is "a natural" at looking like Elle Fanning.

The other kids couldn't look like Elle Fanning their way out of a paper bag.

[The Sun // Image via Wenn.com]