In the wee hours of early Wednesday morning, a veritable photoshopping frenzy was touched off after a Redditor noted that the photo found on VP nominee Paul Ryan's Wikipedia page was "absurdly high resolution" and therefore ripe for "some fun."

Concurrently, across the Information Superhighway, humorist Reuben Glaser was hard at work on a similar project entitled "Little Face Mitt." As its name suggests, the single-topic Tumblr page features nothing but "unsettling pictures of Mitt Romney with a very tiny face."

Why? Glaser explains: "The idea of 'Little Face Mitt' is to get people to involuntarily forever see Mitt Romney with a tiny face."

A noble pursuit if ever there was one. Below are some of the choicest examples of both social experiments:

[H/T: Uproxx, photos via Reddit, Tumblr]