I love Busta Rhymes on musical type of level but let's all recognize and realize that Busta Rhymes tends to give interviews where he just says different levels of words out of his mouth that go together to form the types of sentences that do not mean anything on the level of reality, okay? HuffPo has the scoop:

Is there anything different you wanted to accomplish with this album?
Nothing outside of the fact that every time you do something you trying to make sure that you trailblaze a new way of doing things, whether it's creatively or professionally, on a business level, based on the decisions and the moves that you make. So people can see that on a creative and business level, everything is creative to your last move.

I just want to point out that that entire paragraph-long answer does not mean anything at all.

Wayne is probably the most, one of the [hardest] motherf—-ers I've seen work.

That description of Lil Wayne could not even be rearranged or reworded to make sense in any way.

I don't really feel anything about a critic's opinion, because I came from a time when a critics opinion didn't mean sh-t, and their opinion still won't mean sh-t. At the end of a day, I respect an opinion. I don't know if I really understand what the job of a critic is. Because that's just your job, to criticize people's sh-t.

Busta in four consecutive sentences you managed to talk around a topic in a full circle that ends in nothing at all. Busta Rhymes should be a spokesperson for a high-ranking political appointee.

I've seen Busta Rhymes in Dumbo though and he is like a huge monster, Busta don't do steroids they're bad. Other than that Busta Rhymes is good.