Meet Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant.

Alex and Lisa are a young couple from Yorkshire, England.

Alex and Lisa became engaged in 2011.

Alex and Lisa are entitled to many luxurious things because they are in love.

Alex and Lisa are currently involved in a fun project in which they allow strangers to throw them elaborate weddings in many exotic locations around the world. To date, they've had 23.

This is great for Alex and Lisa because they get to spend a couple years traveling around and partying and being the center of attention. They also get to "[experience] the way other cultures celebrate marriage." How nice, for them.

It's great for strangers because giving gifts to Alex and Lisa is one of life's little pleasures.

Alex and Lisa document their adventures free weddings on their blog, 2people1life. The design of the blog features a strong sperm motif, though this may be unintentional. Though neither Alex nor Lisa are writers by trade (right now their trade is having strangers throw weddings for them; before that Alex owned a car business), every leg of the journey is documented with a crushing amount of text.

Here is Lisa's "About Me" entry:

Hi I'm Lisa and I'm the girly half of 2people1life! I am 30 and completely crazy about Alex (the better half) and our amazing life!

You've probably read how all of this happened in the ‘about us' section but more importantly, a little about me, me, me!

I love [emphasis in original] all the best things in life…to me these things are family, friends, food, wine, crafts and anything sparkly!

This is our first time blogging [emphasis in original] and just hope that you will enjoy being a part of our wild adventure [emphasis in original]!

One of Alex and Lisa's earliest weddings was a First Nations ceremony performed in British Columbia. Alex and Lisa, who described their role in the ceremony, without a trace of irony, as that of "the white man," found the wedding "incredibly spiritual and ritualistic."

A couple we met while traveling arranged for us to have a wedding on Neck Point Beach with a member of the First Nations Community holding service. This is very unusual, as they do not typically share their ceremonies with 'the white man.' The wedding was incredibly spiritual and ritualistic - we now think of these people as our second family.

The couple note that they "are always searching for help from the [sic] like minded kind people around the world!" (presumably people who also like the idea of having free parties thrown in their honor) and add, "we cannot make this happen without local help."

If you would like to donate your services in exchange for publicity on the 2people0shame blog, that option is available:

I had had my hair done-Zoe, and my birdcage put in – silver sixpence in her shoe, my make up done ( a first!!!!) – Emma, a glass of champagne – Nikki, a bite of a cherry bakewell ( the nerves had got to me) – Mr Kipling [no hyperlink], and been fastened into [my dress] ( which fit like a glove having only one fitting!)- Charlotte Balbier.

Alex and Lisa's initial plan was to travel the world and have strangers treat them to 30 different weddings. After the 30th free party, Alex and Lisa would choose the destination they had enjoyed the most, and return to that site for their "official" wedding. Only this one would be legally recognized. All the other weddings would be rendered irrelevant at this point.

However, now that they have gotten such positive feedback from their special brand of bald-faced grifting, Alex and Lisa have ditched the original 30-wedding plan and are just going to squeeze in as many gratis, luxuriously catered weddings as possible before July 2014, when the final ceremony is due to take place.

So, strangers, if you have not yet done your part to make sure the life of this British couple is one of ceaseless bliss and ease, you still have time.

While they don't solicit cash donations, you can give Alex and Lisa the gift of fine dining, wining, professional photography, spa treatments — whatever you like. They've earned it.

[2People1Life via Bridal Guide/Yahoo // Images via 2People1Life ]