A report by the Arkansas State Crime Lab has ruled that Chavis Carter, who died while handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser, committed suicide with a handgun that was overlooked by officers.

The autopsy report, which was signed by three medical examiners, states that the 21-year-old managed to place a .380-caliber Cobra semi-automatic handgun against his right temple, and fire a single shot.

Carter had reportedly been frisked twice prior to the incident, but somehow succeeded in concealing the weapon from his arresting officers. A reenactment video released by Jonesboro Police last week purports to show how Carter might have shot himself despite being handcuffed.

Dashcam footage also released by police in Jonesboro includes scenes of Carter being frisked, but does not contain any footage captured during the time of the alleged suicide.

The investigation into Carter's death remains open while police await additional reports from the Arkansas State Crime Lab.

Carter's mother, who expressed doubt that her son committed suicide, has yet to respond to the report's conclusion.

[screengrab via WREG]