Princess Beatrice's three Norfolk terriers were involved in a serious scrap with Queen Elizabeth II's iconic corgis last week, leaving at least one of the dogs in very bad shape.

According to reports, the Princess' 11-year-old terrier Max required vet treatment after being severely bitten by the corgis, and nearly lost an ear.

The scuffle took place inside Balmoral Castle, the Queen's residence in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, while the dogs were being taken for a walk by the royal dog boy.

"They were being taken along the long corridor leading to the Tower Door before being let into the grounds for a walk, and they all became overexcited," a source is quoted as saying. "They began fighting among themselves and unfortunately the dog boy lost control."

The Queen and Beatrice's father, the Duke of York, were said to be "very upset" upon learning of the bloody mess.

"He was very lucky to survive," said the insider. "I heard the Princess was very upset because another of her Norfolk terriers, Millie, died from natural causes just a week or so before."

The Queen's royal corgi consort includes three direct descendants of her first corgi, Susan, as well as three corgi-dachshund mixes called "dorgis."