The new Nickelback video for "Trying Not to Love You" is out and it's just terrible.

That part isn't surprising. What is surprising is that Nickelback can't really be blamed for just how terrible it is.

Sure, the fact that a Nickelback song is playing in the background isn't helping the video be less terrible, but muting it hardly mollifies the situation.

See, the video stars Jason Alexander as a hairpiece-wearing barista trying to woo Baywatch hottie Brooke Burns with his latte foam art skills. He seems to be succeeding until a Vespa-driving, fedora-sporting, soul-patch-rocking Jason Alexander comes barging into the coffee shop and steals his creepy thunder.

The video does have a happy ending, but, sadly, your attempt to bleach it from your brain will not.

For what it's worth, not everyone thinks this was poor career move on Alexander's part. Says YouTuber BG Kumbi: "wow that loser from sinfeld finally did somethin good as an actor getting in a nickelback video."

Somewhere, humanity is crying itself to sleep.

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