Yesterday, the editorial staff of a student newspaper from the University of Georgia resigned from their positions after a memo appeared to reveal, among other, more bizarre assertions that a non-student director would be given final say over the paper's content.

At this moment, current and recently resigned Red and Black staffers have gathered, along with alumni and press, for a meeting at the paper's headquarters. According to the resigned staffers' Twitter account, a scuffle has just broken out between the newspaper's publisher Harry Montevideo (whom many see as the driving force behind the unpopular changes) and a student reporter from the University's television station.

The reporter, Josh Buce, was allegedly yelling "That's not how it goes!" as Montevideo physically escorted him from the meeting.

UPDATE: We've just received a statement from Mr. Montevideo giving his take on the incident. (The Red and Dead Twitter account reports that the student is considering pressing charges against him):

There was an "Open House" in our upstairs office, strictly for UGA students interested in working at The Red and Black. That was communicated by myself, to all the media representatives gathered in our lobby. I advised the media, that due to the number of interested parties, the statement would be read outside our west entrance, but until that time, they were welcome to stay inside the air conditioned lobby.

The individual in question, was asked repeatedly by myself and several of our other staff members, to remain downstairs with rest of the media (most all of whom complied). He and one other media representative made their way upstairs. After being advised of this by staff, I asked the first individual to turn off his camera and return downstairs and the first individual complied. I made the same request to the second individual and he became confrontational. After repeated verbal requests for him to turn off his camera and make some progress to the stairs, I began to escort him towards the doorway. As a result of either my assistance or his resistance, we both fell to the floor. When I regained my balance I stood up backed away and he exited the building, but only after a good deal of verbal assault towards myself.

I asked our business manager to call 911 just prior to him leaving, an ACC police officer arrived shortly thereafter and asked if we need any further assistance. I explained to the office what had happened and that the individual in had left the premises. I don't believe the officer filled out a report.

After the fracas (which, quite frankly, looked like a pretty weak mess scuffle), the meeting seems to have continued as planned. The former staff is waiting to hear The Red and Black's board of directors' official stance on whether students will retain final editorial say over the paper's content.