To paraphrase Sam Elliott, sometimes you see the bear, and sometimes the bear is hiding behind a moose.

A Norwegian man attempting to avoid striking a moose with his car swerved and hit a bear instead, according to local wildlife officials.

The accident took place last night near the tiny rural village of Hanestad.

"The driver had lost a bit of speed as he tried to avoid the moose before hitting the bear," wildlife authority rep Svein Erik Bjorke told Reuters.

While Norway is riddled with moose — at least 100,000 but some estimates — only around 150 brown bears call the country home

"We are currently tracking the bear and we have found traces of blood indicating internal injuries," said Bjorke.

Neither the man nor the moose were injured, but no word yet on the status of the man's sister.

[H/T: MSN Now, photos via Shutterstock]