Human candy corn Donald Trump, a well-known Political Expert and Successful Reality-Television Business Actor, has a "big surprise" planned for the Republican National Convention. We know this because he tweeted it a few days ago:

What could be the surprise? Maybe he will reveal that he is actually a pile of quivering, sentient eels projecting the form of "Donald Trump" onto an unwitting populace. Or maybe, Loser Salon's Alex Pareene writes, the surprise will be "some idiotic video where Trump 'fires' an Obama impersonator."

And, lo:

Last night, Obama impersonator (or "Fauxbama," if you prefer) Kevin Michel posted a picture posing with Trump, along with a caption urging his Facebook friends to "[b]e sure to watch the Republican National Convention."

Yeah, it's gonna be a stupid video where he "fires" an Obama impersonator.

[Mediaite, image via AP]