Remember Olive Garden reviewer and up-and-coming novelist Marilyn Hagerty? Well forget about her. Forget everything you've learned before this. You are now being ushered into the era of Daym Drops.

Daym Drops is a food reviewer on YouTube. His bio reads: "I host food reviews from various locations." Various locations in this instance means his car parked in different fast food parking lots.

Drops reviews everything from KFC's Double Down to Subway's Meatball and Pepperoni Melt. While his bread and butter errs on the side of savory, he also seemed to really enjoy Nestle's Crunch GirlScout Thin Mint Bites.

His reviews are often tough ("left me with a funky taste in my mouth"), yet fair ("the chicken? Dead sexy"), sprinkled with advice on buffet-dining and surprises for his fans. Sometimes Dropps' dog Ebony stops by to offer up her support, but then she'll get "too much shine" and is relegated to the backseat. This is Daym Drops' show, after all.

Watch one of these Super Official Reviews. They are hilarious.

[Via Twitter/Chelsea Peretti]