Sleeping with the director will not always advance your career: Kristen Stewart has been dropped from the planned Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, presumably because of her very public dalliance with director Rupert Sanders.

Yes, the next Snow White will be Snow White-free. Instead, the film will focus on Chris Hemsworth's Hunstman character, whose story demands to be told, apparently.

Sources say that Sanders will be directing again, because why punish the 41-year-old director who cheated on his wife when you can just ostracize the 22-year-old instead? It's been rumored that Sanders' wife Liberty Ross has forbid him from ever working with Stewart again.

Also caught in the crossfire: screenwriter David Koepp, who had been hired to pen the sequel. Now that the movie's being reimagined as a Huntsman spin-off, he's being phased out, and Universal is looking for a new writer.

E! Online reports that Kristen Stewart could not have been dropped from the sequel because she was never officially attached to it in the first place. Still, there is no denying that she's definitely not being asked back.

[Image via AP/Universal Pictures]