Last week, Rashida Jones had the audacity to point out the obvious about John Travolta.

In a discussion about celebrities going public with their sexuality, Jones argued that "big stars need to come out."

A movie star. Like John Travolta? Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let's do this.

Despite his apparent penchant for male masseurs, Travolta is still married to Kelly Preston, a woman.

At this point, Travolta's gayness seems to be common knowledge, but Jones apparently crossed a line by referencing it in public. Today, she took to Twitter to apologize.

Made a thoughtless comment about John Travolta. I sincerely apologize. Nobody's personal life is my business.

Translation: "Made a comment about John Travolta being gay without thinking that I might have to work with him in the future. I sincerely apologize for not considering the repercussions. Nobody's personal life is my business, but John Travolta is obviously gay."

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