America's obnoxious but good-looking ex who it sometimes hooks up with when it gets drunk, Ryan Lochte, will guest star on an episode of 90210, America's obnoxious but good-looking show who it sometimes watches when it gets drunk, this October.

A gold medalist twice over, Lochte will be portraying a very awesome guy from a supremely swag land called The People's Republic of Lochtenation, who could best be summed up with one word: Rockstar. (Lochte will be playing himself.)

According to E!, the character of "Ryan Lochte" will bump into on-screen couple Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and Max (Max Read) while the two are vacationing at a luxury resort. Lochte will probably high-five everyone during the scene, even if it means going off-script, because that's just our Lochte.

In a statement about the swimmer's appearance, 90210's executive producers remarked that they "felt like [they'd] won a gold medal!" by getting him to sign on.

Lochte, whose eloquence and charisma make him a natural for TV, has also expressed an interest in appearing on either Dancing with the Stars or The Bachelor. Or both.

In 2008, gold medal gymnast Nastia Liukin famously appeared on another CW drama, Gossip Girl, in the role of Girl Who Identifies Chuck Bass.

[E! // Image via Getty]