NEW YORK, NY. (The Borowitz Report Report)—Hack New Yorker satirist Andy Borowitz left the internet stunned this afternoon by deleting a joke from his Twitter account—presumably after realizing it was not funny. Has Andy Borowitz developed standards?

The tweet in question was:

"Egyptians used Twitter to spread a revolution, much as we use it to spread news of Jennifer Aniston's engagement. #USA"

This is not even a joke. It's just the word "Twitter" sandwiched between a couple of pop culture references like a scoop of spoiled tuna salad. The platonic Andy Borowitz tweet, in other words.

But two hours later, the tweet was miraculously deleted, as pointed out by Twitter user epitasis. This prompted us to wonder: Has Borowitz turned the comedy corner? Maybe his first eight hundred thousand tweets were just a warm up, and now he's finally going to unleash the talents he at one point had—dude created Fresh Prince of Bel Air!—and calling a truce in his war of attrition on the very idea of comedy.

Let's check out Borowitz's new New Yorker post, a fake "leaked memo" from Mitt Romney to Paul Ryan. It ends with "LOL." Oh well.

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