Here's Anderson Cooper's boyfriend Benjamin Maisani, making out with someone who is not Anderson Cooper in a New York City park. Wait: Who? What? Where? When? Why? Allow us to answer your pressing questions.

Who: Benjamin Maisani, owner of gay bar Eastern Bloc, amateur photographer, gym rat, Anderson Cooper's boyfriend of three years (for more on Maisani, see here) — and a mystery man.

What: K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Full on make out sesh. See above.

Where: "A New York City park." Cooper and Maisani live together, but aren't seen in public together very often, and tend to lead different lives.

When: This weekend — before Cooper attended a U.N. party stag. The couple was rumored to be thinking about a Labor Day wedding, at the advice of Cooper's mother Gloria Vanderbilt.

Why: No one knows! Possibly, Maisani is cheating on Cooper — but we've also heard that Cooper himself has been known to pick up, ahem, "strange" at gyms in D.C. and New Orleans. If that's true, maybe it's possible that Maisani and Cooper have an understanding?

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