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Above is a highlight reel of last night's Roast of Roseanne on Comedy Central. Its messiness was an aesthetic choice — many members of the panel, whose star power was repeatedly called out for being underwhelming, aired out their dirty laundry. Carrie Fisher talked about her addiction and its affect on her memory, but best of all was when she read Jeff Ross with drag queen's precision. Ellen Barkin talked about popping Valium and drinking several cocktails before taking the stage — good thing, because I wanted to get to the bottom of why she could barely open her eyes all night before that. Gilbert Gottfried joked about his tsunami joke that went awry and got him fired as the Aflac duck's voice last year. He wants his job back, of course.

Tom Arnold showed up as a surprise (or whatever) roaster — he announced that the taping, which happened last week, marked the first time he and his ex, Rosey, had been in the same room together in 18 years. He had tender words for her, and she had some for him. And then the not-so-fat-anymore lady sang on key (or at least, relatively).