Sure, we could talk about how Paul Ryan is the most ideologically conservative Republican to be picked for the vice-presidential slot since at least 1900. But why not spend some time discussing his rocking bod?

TMZ broke the story that Ryan's workout routine is "P90X and insanity." Wow, I bet he gets super sweaty.

Meanwhile, the LA Times lets us know that Ryan, a former personal trainer, has 6 to 8 percent body fat. He also does cardio, karate, and yoga. That's a fitness regimen that even Michelle Obama would approve.

Six-pack aside, he's just a handsome motherfucker. I think Politico put it best — "Forget the budget: Paul Ryan is hot!"

So here it is, the question we need to be asking America: would you fuck Paul Ryan?

Leave his ideology out of it. Or better yet, don't. This could be hate sex.

Is it immature to focus on a candidate's appearance instead of on his policies? Perhaps. But if so much of the media is going to spend time on his sculpted physique, we might as well join in. Not to mention the fact that, as a gay man, I get perverse pleasure from objectifying a virulently anti-LGBT politician.

Admit your weakness: are you sexually attracted to a man whose policies you abhor? Also, do you think he'd be a good lay? Show your work.

[Image via AP]