Mosquito bites might be fun to scratch — hey, I don't know what you're into — but they can cause some serious complications. In fact, an outbreak of mosquito-carried West Nile Virus has claimed the lives of nine people this summer.

That's why Dallas has launched a War on Mosquitoes, declaring a state of emergency and asking for five planes to drop pesticides onto the mosquitoes (and other lifeforms) below. Relax, Department of Health Services Commissioner Dr. David Lakey says it's "totally safe." A little poison never hurt anybody.

The argument seems to be that the pesticides used are relatively OK — and great compared to contracting West Nile Virus. But rest assured, Lakey appreciates your concerns.

I firmly believe that aerial spraying is safe. I understand the inherent apprehension a lot of folks have when chemicals are released by airplanes.

Yeah, folks are silly like that.

Incidentally, the Dallas Observer has another piece on why these pesticide sprays are dodgy.

The spraying would go on for three-days in the hardest-hit areas. But County Judge David Jenkins "believe[s] in democracy," so speak up if you'd rather not get chemicals rained down on you. You have until next week, when the planes are ready.

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