Ryan, the 42-year-old Congressman from Wisconsin (Yes, -R), appears to be the favorite choice as Mitt Romney's Veep Boy. He's definitely the most viral.

The official announcement is scheduled for 9 a.m. tomorrow in Norfolk, Virginia, but apparently the guy who's the Hollywood Reporter's Oscar tout has some inside information or else this is some elaborate guerilla marketing stunt for that new Will Ferrell movie.

And remember Mobute's take on Ryan:

"At first glance, Ryan looks uncannily like a grown-up Eddie Munster. His gloomy expression, gray complexion and huge widow's peak make him look like some baleful predator. It's just a guess, but his favorite cartoons growing up were probably the "Goodbye Blue Sky" part of The Wall and every sequence in Watership Down when Fiver sees the fields being torn like flesh and the warrens pumping blood like arterial soil. But watching him on the Wisconsin primary trail, humping Romney's leg with the charisma of an autistic undertaker, Ryan looked positively Orthogonian. He's Nixon without the jowls, the education or vision. Ryan has the most famously ill-fitting suits and sweat-beaded upper lip since we booted Dick's ass into exile at San Clemente. And he has the personality and soulless ambition to match. If Paul Ryan didn't have government with which to minister suffering, illness and contempt unto millions, you could easily imagine him applying for a hot new fastracked position as the H.R. Director at a death camp."