The first image has just been released of Russell Crowe as Noah in Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky's biblical follow-up to his 2010 film about lesbian ballerinas who do it, real nasty, lesbian style. And it confirms what many have long suspected: Russell Crowe sure does look like that.

The still, which first appeared in USA Today, captures Noah in a moment of being Russell Crowe, gazing out with furrowed brow into the grim distance. The film, due out in 2014, is expected to consist of this and thousands of similar images, all strung together and played one right after the other in rapid sequence to create the effect of a moving picture.

As its title suggests, Noah will tell the biblical story of Noah, an old man who looked like Russell Crowe who angered God by building an ark instead of an arch, thereby delaying construction on God's new event space and causing an angry Lord to drown the world in a global flood.

In 2007, actor Steve Carell starred in a comedic adaptation of the story, titled Evan Almighty. Many reviewers noted that Carrell looked distractingly unlike Russell Crowe, and the film was a financial loss.

USA Today reports that the film will also star Jennifer Connelly as Noah's wife, Naameh, and Emma Watson as his adopted daughter, Ila.

Connelly has experience with looking like she is married to Russell Crowe, having played his spouse once before, in the film A Beautiful Mind. Emma Watson has never portrayed Russell Crowe's adopted daughter and, indeed, is not his adopted daughter in real life.

For updates on the film's progress and pictures of troll dolls, USA Today recommends checking out Darren Aronofsky's official Twitter account.

[USA Today // Images via USA Today/Niko Tavernise/Paramount Pictures and Getty]