Infamous New York serial killer David Berkowitz, better known as the Son of Sam, will forever be remembered for his 13-month shooting spree, during which he killed six people and wounded seven others.

But now, 35 years to the day the cops finally caught up with him, Berkowitz hopes to be remembered for something else as well: His anti-violence message.

"Society has to take the glory out of guns," the so-called ".44 Caliber Killer" told the New York Daily News in a jailhouse interview. "Young people have no business carrying a gun. I would love to speak bluntly to those gangbanging teens and wanna-bes and tell them prison is nothing like what you think. If you're packing a gun, you're making a big mistake, and you'll regret it."

Berkowitz, now 59 and a born-again Christian, believes gun control laws are best left to legislators, but says his hope "is just that young people would understand just how terrible this violence is. When they use a gun against someone else, they ruin their lives too. It's not worth it."

Berkowitz is serving six consecutive 25-to-life sentences at New York's Sullivan Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison. According to the Daily News, he has decided to stop seeking parole in order to "spare the victims' families further anguish."

Read the rest of the interview at the Daily News.

[photos via AP]