A couple of weeks ago, hot shot New Yorker wonderboy Jonah Lehrer was forced to resign after he was revealed to have fabricated Bob Dylan quotes in his book Imagine. Remember that? Yeah. It was in all the newspapers and websites and radio stations and whatnot. The only place the news did not reach: deepest, coolest, fauxhemian Brooklyn. (And Manhattan. "Brooklyn" is just a brand name.)

Brooklyn Industries is a store that sells expensive messenger bags and the looming sense of dread that once-cool neighborhoods have definitively turned the corner into yuppiedom. They have a company blog. Naturally. Just a couple days ago, their blog published a review of Imagine, by Jonah Lehrer. So, having had ample time to consider the ethical implications of Lehrer's self-plagiarism, the daring of his blatant fabrications, and the guru-industrial complex that he represents, what does Brooklyn Industries have to say about his ethical downfall, spurred by the very book they are reviewing?

Nothing. Not a god damn thing.

Live, Work, Create is the motto we live by here at BKI. Live and work are not too difficult to manage for most of us. Create, however – no so much. The widely accepted notion is the myth of the artist as genius which is usually just some construct we create to excuse ourselves from pursuing creativity in our lives. Author Johah Lehrer argues that for many of the great artists and innovators we know, it's more about the right habits, determination, frame of mind, and sometimes, geography.

"...although for Lehrer himself, of course, the key ingredient of the creation process is lying." See how easy that would have been? Nope. Here, read the whole review. Not a word. Just a plain old book review. Good book, Imagine. Next up: Animal Farm, a book about pigs,and a Q&A with Jayson Blair, a popular life coach. What?

We are going to seriously rethink using clothing retailer corporate blogs as our primary source for book reviews.

[Brooklyn Industries. Photo: Seth Anderson/ Flickr. Thanks to tipster A.M.]