There are few things the Internet loves more than a good peeing-in-a-restaurant scandal. In the U.S. we just had that Fort Wayne, Indiana Taco Bell worker who tweeted a picture of himself pissing on an order of Nachos BellGrande. Across the Great Firewall, Chinese internet users have been freaking out over a video of a kid peeing in a paper cup in a restaurant, with his parents' encouragement.

As you can see from this copy of the Chinese paper The Legal Mirror posted by Beijing Cream, it's front-page news! (Hey, it's August in China, too.) We didn't look to hard for the actual video because, ew.

The Global Times writes:

Waiters at Xiabuxiabu hot pot in Wangjing, Chaoyang district, did not intervene on August 2, despite customer complaints. The restaurant Monday admitted that they did not properly handle the issue.

Could you imagine if the kid did that in an Applebee's in the U.S.? His parents would have been tasered before they could undo his pants.

[via Beijing Cream]