For a detailed analysis of Sarah Palin's Supergirl outfit you see here, I turn things over to our Gawker Fashion Correspondent, Fake Michael Kors. What say you, Queen Tangerine?


Oh... no.

No, no, no.

Where to begin.

First of all, the shoes. You've already decided to go loud with the Superman shirt. You can't pair it with these... these Chinese bondage wedges. They look like what a hooker would wear if she wanted to wear Skechers Shape Ups. And then the belt buckle! My God, THAT BELT BUCKLE! Can I open it up and find gumdrops inside? If that's a chastity belt, the chastity belt failed to do its job, because you look like you just got railed in the back of a multiplex. What were you thinking? It just looks so cheap. VERY CHEAP. And the cut of the Superman shirt is doing her no favors. She may as well put a bulls-eye on her sternum. The whole thing is just... I feel like my eyeballs are being drawn and quartered.

You know, there are some elements here that could be salvaged. I mean, I LOVE the playfulness of the Superman logo. That's fun! That could be fun! But then you have these Redneck Riviera sunglasses, and the Wonder Woman bracelets... and then these awful black capris. Who is this woman? Where is she going? She looks like she got all dressed up to order white wine in the back of an airplane.

I don't see you in this. You can do better. Also, fuck you.

H/T Wonkette