The Galaxy water park in Erding, Germany, has barred women from using one of its "X-Treme" high-speed slides after several female guests required medical treatment for "intimate injuries."

The X-treme Faser slide, capable of free-fall speeds of up to 45mph, has reportedly injured at least six women, but has not inflicted similar harm on male riders. "These injuries are caused by the nature of the female anatomy," park manager Marcus Maier told The Local.

"We are trying to do right by women; we don't want to discriminate against them," said Maier, who compared the restriction to that of a slide that requires riders to weigh at least 110 pounds. "You could argue that's just as discriminating," he said.

A Professional Association of Gynaecologists spokeswoman called into question Maier's claims, saying water slides were not known to cause vaginal injury. The park hopes to make the slide available to all once more as soon as it finishes developing a special protective suit for women.

For now, female guests are still free to enjoy one of the park's many other slides, including the Galaxy Brainwash and the Titty Twister.

[video via MrGalaxius]