Damian Mory of Queens says he just happened to be in the right place at the right time to film 28-year-old Julien Chabbott run over a NYPD officer's foot while trying to avoid being ticketed outside the Mercer Hotel in SoHo.

Chabbott, co-creator of the popular smartphone app Line Snob and significant other of Hills cast member Stephanie Pratt (who can be seen in the video), reportedly parked his Ferrari 458 Spider in the hotel's valet zone and was in the process of being ticketed by Officer Felix Recio when he decided to make a hasty getaway.

He ignored Officer Recio's order not to get in his car, choosing instead to run over the cop's foot.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with felony assault, vehicular assault, obstructing governmental administration, and disorderly conduct.

Officer Recio was treated for his injuries and released, but remains off duty.

[H/T: The Blemish]