Nadya "Octomom" Suleman really needs money — so much for that whole supporting herself thing. But hey, she's finding new ways to generate income: her latest endeavor is a for-pay dating site.

On, Suleman set bidding for herself at a conservative $500. Look, it's not going to pay all her bills — she needs $150,000 — but that's not a bad payday for a single date.

And yes, there's something a little sketchy about selling yourself online, but it's not prostitution unless they're paying for sex. If you choose to have sex with your date, that's your prerogative. (I've learned a lot from watching Gigolos on Showtime, OK?)

If you want to help Suleman not resort to stripping, porn, and sketchy loan sites, feel free to donate to her cause on And be generous, because she's only raised $2,509 of her $150,000 goal.

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