It's been a while since we talked about John Travolta and his (allegedly gay) penis, but wouldn't you know it — the actor's legal team is condemning another masseur's claim as false.

A while back, Royal Caribbean Cruise masseur Fabian Zanzi claimed Travolta exposed himself during a routine neck massage, then offered $12,000 for his silence.

This falls in line with the claims of several other masseurs, but sure, they could all be lying. Or perhaps there's an international masseur plot to bring John Travolta down. The point is, none of these stories are true, apparently.

Travolta admits to being on the cruise but not to cruising. His lawyer Marty Singer filed documents against Zanzi yesterday, asking that the charges be dropped, and for Zanzi to pay Travolta's legal fees.

Yeah, like a cruise ship masseur can afford Marty Singer.

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