A few days ago, Pulitzer prize-winning leftist cocaine site Huffington Post broke the news that Louisiana's Rayville Elementary — currently receiving a "failing" grade from the state — won't allow white students to transfer out due a federal desegregation ruling from 1986. A perfect article to be circulated as evidence of reverse racism! And all it needed was a little bit of "here's the reaction around the web" padding courtesy a quote from the forum ADISC.org.

But, uh, what's ADISC.org? Something Awful's Zack Parsons explains:

The quote on Huffington Post helpfully links to the post on ADISC.org made by "justhere." It turns out ADISC.org is a adult and teen diaper fetish site and "justhere" is a self-described "male / Sissy / Little Girl Diaperfur." In addition to justhere's post on the controversial Rayville letter, justhere also posts, for example, about his dream outfit.

Ah. The democratization of news.

[Something Awful, image via AP]