This song has been around for a while, but England's Cooly G released her full-length, Playin' Me, on which "Landscapes" appears just a few weeks ago. It's a stunning piece of work that has me racking my brain for a new term to replace the horribly clunky, barely descriptive "post-dubstep" label. (Don't even get me started on "bass music.") Cooly describes her work as having a "deep house tribal dubstep vibe," but that pile-on of words doesn't reflect her sound's sparse elegance. There's also a dash of neo-soul — her approach to songwriting reminds me a lot of Joi's "Sunshine & the Rain," in that many of her songs consist of just a few chanted lines. "Landscapes" is one of them. Instead of sounding undercooked it is hypnotic.

Playin' Me is spacy, spacious and surreal. It's also weirdly sexy in its iciness, like baby-making music for the future.